Why Should You Compete?

By Seraphina Schinner This post is slightly ironic because though I am advocating and encouraging competing, it took me forever to actually sign up myself for one. I always also fellow athletes at the gym if they’re going to consider doing an upcoming competition, and the response for the newbies is: “Are you freakin’ kidding […]

Eat For Performance

By Seraphina Schinner How I am today in CrossFit is absolutely nothing like how I started. Ask around (Carlos, Jacqui Miranda, Emily Cookson); I was such a complainer. Looking back, I would have hated to workout with myself. God, I want to shoot my old-self. I started Crossfit about 2 ½ years ago, mainly because […]

Psychology of Lifting: You vs. the barbell?

By Seraphina Schinner A lot of times, I look at the workouts before I come into the gym, and I immediately start to strategize. With this weight, I can do this many reps in this amount of time, but I need to rest ten seconds in order to finish with this time. By the time […]

How often should someone take a rest day?

If you have been doing CrossFit for a while now, you recognize that our program delivers a high octane fuel in the intensity department. One thing we have to keep in mind is that we can’t sustain that high intensity every single day; some can more than others but almost inevitably our body ends up […]

Introducing: MoFo Training

Strength training has played a big role in our programming here at FPC, which is why we incorporate three of the major lifts (the deadlift, squat and shoulder press) almost every week into our programming. Most of you have made quick progress initially, but have slowed down some. This is but expected. We will be […]

Refer A Friend…

…and get 1 FREE Month of CrossFit!!! Here at Five Points CrossFit, we realize that “word of mouth” and referrals are our most powerful methods for generating new business. In appreciation for your new referrals during the remainder of 2013 and onwards, we will give you *1 FREE MONTH of equal value of CrossFit Classes! […]

300-Pound Clean Complex

This complex is recommended early in the training cycle to improve strength and promote hypertrophy. In the variation in the video below, you will see: 1 Clean Deadlift 1 Hang Clean from below the knee 2 Front Squats 1 Jerk The concept here is to: Make the jerk really hard because your legs are extremely […]

7 Workout Nutrition Secrets

SECRET #1 So, today was your hardest WOD ever (or so it seems), you put your all into every exercise and every set. Ever stopped to think about what effect that had on your body? Of course not, apart from the fact that you worked so hard that you can only do better right? Well, […]

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