About The Coaches

BobRobert “Bob” Cook – Crossfit Level 1 Certified

Bob is a native of Chicago and has lived in Novato, CA for over 25 years.

He graduated from University of Phoenix and is a level 1 CrossFit Trainer. When Bob is not working in his CrossFit business he likes to compete in triathlons, bike, hike, ski, camp and spend time with his family.

He has been married to his wife, Chris for over 25 years and has a daughter Sydney and son Michael. Bob has been an active athlete his entire life and has completed many triathlons including the Ironman Canada event in 2007.  He noticed that his training was missing something and was introduced to CrossFit by a friend and fellow triathlete.

He started the program and immediately fell in love with the process and saw significant positive results in his athletic performance.  He loves the CrossFit philosophy and is an example of the positive impact CrossFit has on athletes as well as for anyone willing to invest the time and effort into their own health and well being. Opening Five Points CrossFit made a lot of sense and was the logical next step in his desire to teach others more about fitness and healthy living.  Owning a business means you take a more active leadership role in the community.

Having his own CrossFit affiliate will allow him to bring his passion for healthy living to more people in the community and spread the word about the benefits of CrossFit.  He also enjoys a challenge and owning his own business is a great chance to mix business with pleasure. Bob also takes time to be involved with other community non-profit and professional organizations.

He is a member of the Boy Scouts of America, Local Chamber of Commerce and has served as the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee and as a member of the Board of Directors at Montessori de Terra Linda.


AGE: 52

HOMETOWN: Schiller Park, IL

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO THE BAY AREA: The beauty and weather

SOME FAVORITE QUICK MEMORIES: Getting married, the birth of my two children, turning 50, (and burning by AARP card when it came in the mail), epic hiking in Yosemite, the first time I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, completing my first Ironman

CURRENT PLAYLIST: Metallica, Huey Lewis and the News, Alan Parson Project, George Thorogood and the Destroyers, (Bad to the Bone), ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles

FAMILY: Spouse; Chris Cook, (married 27 years), Daughter Sydney, (12 yrs old), Son Michael, (10 yrs old)


FAVORITE BOOKS: Killing Lincoln, Band of Brothers, John Quincy Adams, Lincoln, Snowball, Franklin, Washington, The Founding Fathers, Anything with History. Loved reading Tom Clancy Novels

FAVORITE HOBBY: Anything outdoors

FAVORITE LOCAL HANGOUT: My back yard, it doesn’t get any better than that!


DREAM VACATION: Anything 5 star rated and tropical

ONE THING ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: Running and Ultra Marathon, (Western States 100)


BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Negative people




Carlos Echandy – Crossfit Level 1 Certified CrossFit Games Official Athlete Profile

MC_235685426_1I have been a member of CrossFit community since 2008. Like so many others, I’ve always been a bit of a gym rat but nothing ever felt quite right until I found CrossFit. Even after the very first workout, I knew I was hooked. I appreciate the physical and mental challenges of CrossFit, getting to see and experience the positive changes that overcoming those obstacles brings about in all aspects of my life.  I particularly love being a part of and growing with this great community of athletes.  This is particularly true of the lifelong relationships I have forged here in Marin County.  I am also a bit of a geek, and spend lots of time studying human physiology, combined with my other line of work at a   Surgery Center.

I have earned several Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting Certifications.  When I’m not doing anything “CrossFit” I am thinking about ways to bring my clients an AWESOME client experience.  That and working on sticking to my Paleo diet, which is not always where it needs to be.  In my free time, I like to take advantage of the many outdoor activities the Bay Area has to offer. You can often find me hiking in or around Mt. Tamalpais or speeding down a hill on my mountain bike in China Camp, or all points located around the San Pedro Bay in San Rafael.

Originally from Puerto Rico, I attended UC Berkeley and earned my BA in Business Administration and Legal Studies.  My family lives on the East Coast, and I value the time I spend with friends and the important people in my life.

In a nutshell this is what I do:  I see to it that you master the movements our unpredictable lives require of us all. I use squats, deadlifts, pushes, presses, and pulls in many different combinations in order to do this.  I train your heart and lungs to run, jump, row, and bike very hard and fast.  I train your muscles to lift large loads, over long distances, quickly. I train your mind to see challenges as opportunities for improvement and train your spirit to push through your perceived lactate thresholds. I will give you the feedback you need to make the most out of your potential here at FPC. My tools are a whiteboard and a stopwatch. Beware when I say the words….3-2-1-GO!


AGE: 44

HOMETOWN: Canovanas, Puerto Rico

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO THE BAY AREA:   To attend school at the University of California at Berkeley.  Fell in love with the Berkeley Hills…the people here, and the food. Every time I fly anywhere I realize how much I love it here.

SOME FAVORITE QUICK MEMORIES: Dinner at the table growing up, family trips to the park.  Impromptu visit to Grand Canyon with my good friend Jorge S.  Graduating from college.  My first visit to Yosemite and first ascent to Half Dome. The CrossFit Games in Aromas, California and  my subsequent level 1 certification three years later.  First muscle up.  100 kilo Clean and Jerk in front of hundreds of people screaming at me and the judges at a USA Weightlifting syndicated event. My recent wedding at the Elk’s Lodge in San Rafael to my beautiful wife and best person in the whole wide world Monika. Smooch Smooch

CURRENT PLAYLIST: Old school rap and Hip Hop, Dubstep, Progressive House, Drum Beats, David Guetta, Pitbull and Bastille (Love that Pompeii song) P-Station

FAMILY: I’m the odd ball of three brothers (Ruben and Victor), my Dad, Ruben and my wonderful mom Maria are very close to me. We talk every day. I’m thankful for that.

FAVORITE EATS: Zachary’s pizza in Berkeley bar NONE. Sol Food restaurant here in town…and punjabi burritos from AVATARS! They are the BOMB!

FAVORITE BOOKS: Supple Leaopard, CF Journal, All Things Gym Newsletters, and Busines Magazine articles about SEO

FAVORITE HOBBY: I love connecting with new people and hearing fresh ideas. I’m fascinated by health, technology, athletic performance, business success, human behavior, evolutionary biology, and all things that run in between. Wine tastings, stinky cheeses, new trails and oh yeah, garage sales! Love garage sales!

FAVORITE LOCAL HANGOUT: Pico, Peso and poolside at casa de Echandy…hands down. Brick and Bottle (Greenbrae) and the Hilltop 1892 (Novato).

LAST LOCAL PURCHASE: Boos Chopping Block, Breville Panini maker and NutriBullet for my BulletProof Coffee

DREAM VACATION: The Mediterranean Sea and the many islands Greece. Also, Southeast ASIA: Thailand and Singapore. South America: Argentina and the slums of Brazil. Not necc. in that order!

ONE THING ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: High altitude stratosphere flight at the edge of space.


BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Being unorganized, or scattered.  Not prepared.  Drives me absolutely insane.


GUILTY PLEASURE: Moscow Mules!!!!


Debbie Austin – Crossfit Level 1 Certified Coach Deb-OHS


AGE: 24



SOME FAVORITE QUICK MEMORIES: Driving across the country to move to CA, First college swim meet, First crossfit workout

CURRENT PLAYLIST: Drake, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Dubstep, J.Cole, Wale, System of a Down (for working out), Anything with a good beat

FAVORITE EATS: Frozen yogurt, Huge salads, Banana or Zucchini bread

FAVORITE BOOKS: Hunger Games, Harry Potter (haven’t really read too much recently)

FAVORITE HOBBY: Exercise, baking

FAVORITE LOCAL HANGOUT: I haven’t gotten to see too many places in CA yet but I really liked Napa and Santa Cruz

LAST LOCAL PURCHASE: Crossfit apparel


ONE THING ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: Travel around the world



FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANT: Pacific Catch or Sol Food or Blackwood



Bridgett Alexis – Crossfit Level 1 Certified Coach Five Points Crossfit Coach Bridgett Alexis


AGE: 35

HOMETOWN: West Marin

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO THE BAY AREA: born and raised here, college in Hawaii but few places compare to Marin so I am back and lovin in!

SOME FAVORITE QUICK MEMORIES: first triathlon with my best friend in tiburon, floating the truckee river every summer with my boys, snowboarding Tahoe my home away from home! , tough Mudder so fun!!!

CURRENT PLAYLIST: bad ass bootycamp: blurred lines, scream and shout, crazy people, thrift shop, can’t hold us, get lucky, I love it.

FAMILY: 3 boys who inspire me to be more and do more every day. James 12 Riley 9 Bishop 6 Mom in Tahoe and older brother in sf

FAVORITE EATS: cave man plus cow! I eat real food, including dairy :)
Meats, veggies, fruit…. Bring it, I love food

FAVORITE BOOKS: the 5 people you meet in heaven

FAVORITE HOBBY: snowboarding


LAST LOCAL PURCHASE: plants for my yard from local nursery. I also only by local milk in glass bottles. So much better!

DREAM VACATION: anything tropical and warm… I love the sun!!!



BIGGEST PET PEEVE: judgmental people….who are we to judge anyone!


Plantane chips! So yummy :)
And cocktails….

Five Points Crossfit: The Best Value of Crossfit in Marin, Mill Valley, Corte Madera, Tiburon, Sausalito and San Rafael.


Challen Pressley – Olympic Weightlifting and Kettlebell Certified Coach Five Points Crossfit Coach - Challen Pressley


AGE: 27


WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO THE BAY AREA: Always loved the Bay, and after leaving for 3 years in beautiful San Luis Obispo I knew I had to come back. I have yet to find a place that captures my heart like San Francisco and Marin county.

SOME FAVORITE QUICK MEMORIES: Galloping through the Indian Valley trails on my horse, Cody; meeting my beau while squatting to “teach me how to dougie” in a performance enhancement workout, Italian Christmas crab feasts lasting hours at the table with my crazy family, finding that perfect tempo on a barbell snatch for the first time.

CURRENT PLAYLIST: It’s all over the board depending on the task at hand. Workouts range from Nicki Minaj to Rage Against the Machine and chill time can be anything between Talib Kweli to Creedence Clearwater.

FAMILY: Local parents David, Soozi, stepmom Susan, step brothers Eric and Brian and surfing big bro John and (future) wife Jenn in Monterey.

FAVORITE EATS: Oh man, I am definitely someone who lives to eat. Oysters bingo at the Buckeye, bisteak sando at Sol Food, GF pizza at Tamal Pie, all meat from Prather Ranch.

FAVORITE BOOKS: Everything David Sedaris.


FAVORITE LOCAL HANGOUT: Happy Hour at Brick and Bottle, De La Montanya Winery (for the Bocce ball of course..)

LAST LOCAL PURCHASE: Meat, veggies and flowers from the Sunday farmer’s market at the Civic Center.

DREAM VACATION: Anywhere with beaches and hiking or foreign culture.

ONE THING ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: Swim near a whale shark!

WORD THAT BEST DESCRIBES YOU: Chipper! (It’s a riff off my initials Ch Pr that has kind of stuck…)


FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANT: Just one?! Right now it’s Copita in Sausalito

GUILTY PLEASURE: No guilt, just enjoy!


Brittany Kurtz – Crossfit Level 1 Certified Coach Brittany.PNG


AGE: 36

HOMETOWN: Bountiful, Utah

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO THE BAY AREA: nearly 8 years ago, my husband was transferred here for work. I have fallen deeper and deeper in love with the Bay area ever since.

SOME FAVORITE QUICK MEMORIES: The birth of each of my boys, traveling to Kaui with my husband, family trips with my amazing family.

CURRENT PLAYLIST: Ummmmm whatever is playing on Pandora :) I’m not a big music nut – I love country, acoustic, Folk. Mostly for Chillin…. For a Wod, not so much.

FAMILY: My husband Chris is the most amazing human I know. He keeps our big family running in ways I could never do alone. He is my super hero. I have four boys (boys rule!!) Michael, Luke, Keaton and my little tagalong caboose Beckham Q. We gave him the middle name of Quattro because he is the fourth boy. My boys bring enormous amounts of love, noise, dirt, laughter and chaos into my world and keep things exciting at all times. I love watching them become men and helping them to grow. How lucky am I to have all of these amazing men surrounding me! All of my extended family is in Utah – we are lucky enough to go back to visit a few times a year.

FAVORITE EATS: I LOVE all things fresh and local – Farmer’s Markets make me giddy! And If you Bring me Sol Food…. I’m yours forever.

FAVORITE BOOKS: The Power of One is an all time favorite. I love stories of real people rising above trial and pain. Always looking for suggestions

FAVORITE HOBBY: Besides Crossfit? I love to get out of the gym and use my functional fitness. If I’m not at the gym or driving my kids all over Novato, you’ll find me running or hiking on Mt. Burdell, hiking out to the coast somewhere, or on a paddle board with friends. I also love watching my boys do the things they love like Lacrosse, Olympic weightlifting, playing the trumpet and doing mad tricks on the Yoyo. Yup, that’s what I said…. the yoyo. My Michael has some mad skills.

FAVORITE LOCAL HANGOUT: Club Kurtz. That’s what I call my backyard pool :)

LAST LOCAL PURCHASE: Yummy Fig Balsamic Vinegar from a vineyard in Sonoma, and a home made jar of pickles for my husband from Freemont Diner. Enjoyed a beautiful morning in Sonoma county!

DREAM VACATION: Chartered sail of the Greek islands. Hands down my biggest dream. Someday…..

ONE THING ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: Learn to knit. One day when the kids are grown and my hands are free.


BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Clothes, socks, wrappers, toys, towels….. anything left on the floor all over. This mostly applies to my children……


GUILTY PLEASURE: Chocolate. Always chocolate. and Diet Coke (awful I know!!!) Non-food guilty pleasure? Taking a nap. doesn’t happen nearly enough…..


Dr. Nadine Brinton – Crossfit Level 1 Certified Coach Nadine


AGE: 31



SOME FAVORITE QUICK MEMORIES: Running 2 miles in 12:33, first sprint triathlon, first pull-up, graduation from chiropractic school, saving a surfer who was stuck in the tide, getting stuck in a storm under the Missouri arch….lots of great moments in life to be happy about.

CURRENT PLAYLIST: daft punk, Etta James, U2, 80s, Usher, Jason Mraz..I’m all over the place with music.

FAMILY: 4 sisters, a twin sister, 31/2 nieces

FAVORITE EATS: Bulletproof Coffee and homemade chocolate

FAVORITE BOOKS: Super Brain by Deepack Chopra

FAVORITE HOBBY: cycling, oil painting, sitting on the beach and soaking in life


LAST LOCAL PURCHASE: 100% Organic bed from San Rafael. $1300 for a lifetime warranty and a great night’s sleep was worth it.

DREAM VACATION: Sleeping in a glass iglu in Finland to see the Norther Lights.


Manny Reyes – Mobility Guru Manny-Reyes-Snatch


AGE: 32

HOMETOWN: Miami, Fl.

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO THE BAY AREA: I wanted a change of pace and to have access to more outdoor activities. A job opportunity presented itself so I packed up my Jeep and drove across country.

SOME FAVORITE QUICK MEMORIES: The first time I saw the sand cliffs at fort Funston and felt the cold pacific ocean breeze.

CURRENT PLAYLIST: I enjoy listening to live Dj sets: Carl Cox, Jack U, Dj Icey, Ashrock, Hydraulix ,Daft Punk, Red Hot chilli peppers. The mellow stuff: The doors, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra, Beach Boys. SAY NO TO PITBULL LOL!

FAMILY: I don’t have family in the bay area, only my crossfit family.

FAVORITE EATS: Churrasco with chimichurri, a juicy grass fed beef burger with bacon and avocado, shrimp and fish ceviche

FAVORITE BOOKS: becoming a supple leopard, into the wild, reading about the bay area WWII military history.

FAVORITE HOBBY: Olympic weightlifting, hiking the Marin headlands , road trips

FAVORITE LOCAL HANGOUT: Kennedy’s, the tipsy pig and late night Sol Food.

LAST LOCAL PURCHASE: Rotisserie Chicken from Roli Rotti at the civic center farmers market

DREAM VACATION: Island hopping in Hawaii for six months

ONE THING ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: Buy a small RV and take six months to visit all the major national parks.

WORD THAT BEST DESCRIBES YOU: Methodical <<< When it comes to Crossfit and Weightlifting

BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Not putting the equipment back where it belongs.

FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANT: Sol Food the only place in the bay area where I can get food that reminds me of home.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Fish and Chips with a proper Pint.

WHAT WAS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE WOD: Thanksgiving “The Don” because I enjoyed having the whole team there cheering each other on and I like the variety of movements.

WHAT IS YOUR GOAT OR MOST CHALLENGING MOVEMENT: Double unders because I have no rhythm.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MOVEMENT: Snatch grip dead lift pull because I like to lift heavy weight while challenging my form.

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